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Sampling of reviews:

Philadelphia Story, Remy Bumppo, Chicago 2007:

Windy City Times

“…its elevation of human values over artificial distinctions and populist compassion for its characters, whatever their status, more than compensate for the occasional stilted moment. So does the sumptuous old-money ambience invoked by Rachel Laritz’ museum-accurate costumes (check out the stockings worn by Wendy Weber’s smartcracking shutterbug) and Jacqueline and Richard Penrod’s antique-strewn country estate."

Mary Shen Barnidge

Steadstyle Chicago

"...The actors were graceful and definitely captured the feel and mannerisms of the time period. The costumes were picturesque and beautifully fit to the actors' slim bodies. I especially liked the satin gowns some of the women were wearing as satin is unforgiving and shows every lump and bump. The set was interchangeable and well detailed with intricate upholstered furniture and fancy drinking glasses that incidentally Tracy ended up drinking out of too much."

Meghan Gillogly

Centerstage Show Review

“…This excellent production, as fine as it is, would not be the same without the talents of Jackie and Rick Penrod's sumptuous and versatile set designs. Leaving an elegant drawing room setting for intermission and returning to find a lush, Greek revival garden, complete with foliage and a running fountain, was nothing short of breathtaking, especially given this intimate theater space. And speaking of breathtaking, Rachel Laritz again demonstrates why she is one of Chicago's preeminent costume designers with her opulent '40s period costumes. And as the icing on the cake, Andy Hansen's original music subtly envelopes the audience, transporting everyone to a more innocent time and place when people dressed for dinner at eight.”

Colin Douglas

Voysey Inheritance, Remy Bumppo, Chicago 2009:

Chicago Free Press

"...Equally intelligent, James Bohnen’s crackling staging finds a hundred authentic ways to make this crash course in situational ethics vivid as in “happening right now.” He has the perfect setting in Andrea Bechert’s sumptuous library, with its appurtenances of a privileged men’s club, and the right look in Rachel Laritz’ gorgeous period costumes (far more detailed and elegant than the similar gowns in Goodman’s “Turn of the Century”). As for the acting, well, this is Remy Bumppo. Happily, that goes without saying. "

Larry Bommer

Playboy of the Western World, Pearl Theatre, New York, 2009:

The Epoch Times

“…Harry Feiner’s set works well, nicely showing the shabby, run-down look of the village, a place where life is hard and where the inhabitants must find love and excitement wherever they can. The costumes by Rachel Laritz are quite good, especially the ones for the girls of the village.”

Judd Hollander

The Associated Press

“…Harry Feiner's atmospheric set fills the small City Center II thrust stage, with realistic stone walls surrounding a single room of a roughhewn pub. Wonderfully homespun costumes by Rachel Laritz enhance the feeling of muddy, barefoot peasant life that grounds Synge's lyrical dialogue.”

Merry Wives of Windsor, Illinois Shakespeare Festival, Normal/Bloomington 2010:

The Pantagraph

“…Set in the 1920s, costume designer Rachel Laritz delights the eye with shimmering turquoise chemises, clothing that literally lights up and dapper gentlemen's attire.”

Marcia Weiss

Sense and Sensibility, Northlight Theatre, Chicago 2011

Chicago Sun Times

Northlight Theatre gives modern flair to ‘Sense & Sensibility’

"...Tom Burch’s airy design — a handsome doorway and a free-floating arc of plaster molding — is period perfect yet modern. Rachel Laritz’s exquisitely simple Regency-style costumes are ready for mass-marketing at Anthropologie. And Joe Cerqua’s incidental music is lovely. The production lives up to its title in every way."

Hedy Weiss

Hedda Gabler, Writers Theatre, Chicago 2014​

Chicago Sun Times

"...Fry dominates the stage at every turn. A marvel of sly emotional shifts, she nails every one of Hedda’s split-second calculations, rapidfire lies and prim yet vixenlike moves, and her regal bearing is enhanced by Rachel Laritz’s gorgeous peignor and gown designs."

Hedy Weiss

Chicago Critic

"..Director Kimberly Senior’s smart casting produced several fine performances besides the excellent turn from Kate Fry. The rest of the “A” list Equity players include yeoman work from Sean Fortunato, Scott Parkinson and mark Montgomery. Jack Magaw’s opulent set and Rachel Laritz’s period perfect costumes add flavor to this riveting drama. Ibsen’s terrific work is in good hands her. These players put on an ‘actor’s master class."

Tom Williams

Dance of Death, Writers Theatre, Chicago 2014

Hyde Park Herald

"...Kudos go to Kevin Depinet for creating an impeccably detailed set complete with gas lights, windows that rattle in the storm, and a telegraph machine that’s the only source of news from the outside world. Lighting designer Keith Parham, sound designer Josh Schmidt, and properties designer Julie Eberhardt also deserve credit, and Rachel Laritz’s costumes—especially for Cochran—are top drawer.